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Jasper Reports Migration

In 2023, for an online training provider, we migrated their automated certificate-of-completion creation from the ColdFusion report builder to Jasper Reports.

eBay Order Download

In 2022, for a top-rated eBay seller, we created an automatic download of their eBay orders into a custom Microsoft SQL Server database optimized to their business processes.

Faster PDF File Creation

In 2021, for a financial management company, we added a feature to enable faster generation of the PDF report set they provide to their clients. We custom-made the original software for them in 2014.

Online Spreadsheet Extract for Seminar Business

In 2021, we added a feature for a SF Bay area company that offers professional seminars for dentists. They wanted to extract a certain subset of contact data for manipulation in MS Excel such as for making a sign-in sheet or nametags. We created the extract. We custom-made the software for them in 2018.


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Custom-Made Software Solutions

We specialize in:
  • eBay API Integration
  • Supporting others' legacy software
  • MS Access, SQL Server, Coldfusion
Our business was founded in 1991 and incorporated in 2003. We are based in Fallon, NV just east of Reno, NV.

Our president is also our lead developer; she got started in the days of punched cards, long before the IBM PC or Microsoft Windows existed.

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Small, Responsive, Respected

Our small team work well with each other and with clients. Our client relationships tend to last for many years. Our client love how responsive we are.

Our team has worked successfully with the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Philips, Gloria Vanderbilt, Mitsubishi, Agilent Technologies, Emerson Electric, and dozens of smaller clients in industry and government.
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