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Welcome to ProTech Training online. The EPA is now allowing the RRP Refresher course to be taken 100% online every other re-certification cycle. The accreditation is good for 3 years. WA and OR residents and any EPA regulated state may use this course. To qualify for EPA RRP Re-certification using this method, the following criteria must be met:
The cost to take this RRP online refresher course is $119.

For those conducting RRP work in WA State, we collect and transmit an additional $25 to cover the WA State Lead Based Paint Program requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: If you continue with this course and you do not meet the criteria listed above, the EPA will reject your certification and you will need to retake the course. Refunds will not be given if you proceed past this point. If you do not meet the criteria listed above, STOP. Contact your training provider to be placed in a different version of the course.

I certify that I meet the criteria listed above and accept all responsibility for continuing.

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